I am a dedicated and skilled 3D modeler with four years experience. Proven track record of positive client relations. Passionate about creating digital art and maintaining the highest quality 3D renders/models. Adaptable professional who is able to collaborate well in a team as well as work independently. Excellent verbal and written communication skills that allow for timely and effective problem solving, which helps to increase productivity and prosperity of the business.

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The Indie Accord - Art Director

Founder and Creative Director at The Indie Accord. I worked as the Concept Artist, Sculptor, 3d Modeller, Texture Artist, Rigger, Animator, and Level Designer to bring each game to life.

Greyborn Studios - Level Designer

Greyborn Studios LLC was founded in March of 2016 by industry veterans Scott Blinn and Michael Ryan. I worked on the studio’s first game, Luna & The Moonling, a 3d puzzle game. I created challenging and beautiful puzzles to enhance the user experience and create an enjoyable difficulty curve through the game.

Fiverr - Freelancer

I worked online through fiverr for over a hundred clients with various needs and levels of understanding of my skill set. I scored consistent 5 stars reviews and excelled in translating complex technical information to easily understandable points.

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Won 1st place prize in GameJolt's Dreamhack Dallas 2019 game jam. Spent the ten day time limit defining the art style, modelling game assets, creating effects, and animating objects.

Luna and the Moonling

Designed levels for Greyborn Studio’s first game, Luna & The Moonling, a difficult 3D puzzle game. Created challenging and beautiful puzzles to enhance the user experience and create an enjoyable difficulty curve throughout the game.

Find the Way

Worked with the Life Skills Software team to develop an educational game used in special needs education. Defined and executed the low poly art style, creating an indoor mall for the player to navigate. Worked independently through the whole process to model, texture, rig, and animate the game objects.

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